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The Iron Life Podcast with Chris Tutela

Jun 28, 2019

Fred Mohr is a fitness enthusiast, podcaster, coach and 16 year veteran of the Elizabeth, NJ Fire Department. 

On today's episode, Fred shares his story on how he got into training, training for the physical fitness test for the fire service, the differences between old school bodybuilding and training for performance,...

Jun 21, 2019

On this Episode of The Iron Life Podcast Chris interviews world renowned strength and conditioning coach, Joe DeFranco. 

Joe is the owner of DeFranco's Gym in East Rutherford, NJ, has 20 plus years of experience in the fitness industry and has trained athletes of all levels including

  • Brian Cushing (Houston...

Jun 14, 2019

On Episode 6 of The Iron Life Podcast Chris talks fat loss and what you need to do in order to shed off body fat AND KEEP IT OFF!

Here are some of the things Chris covers in this episode.

  • What you need to do to speed up your metabolic rate
  • The downside of starvation diets and excessive exercise
  • The two most overlooked...

Jun 7, 2019

On this episode of The Iron Life Podcast Chris describes what every Police Officer, Firefighter and First Responder needs to prioritize in their training program.

He also answers your questions.

This episode includes:

  • How to improve your sleep while working late night shifts
  • The importance of nutrition when working...