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The Iron Life Podcast with Chris Tutela

Apr 3, 2020

My guest on today's show is Heidi Dehnel. 

Heidi is a United States Powerlifiting Association Coach Practitioner, National Officiate and State Records Chairman. 

She is a former figure and bikini competitor and holds Texas and Alabama state records in powerlifting for the USPA.

Heidi is also the co-owner of Core Strength and Performance Gym in Alabama where she trains primarily women, and host of the podcast "The Future is Female Powerlifting". 

Her and I had a great discussion where we cover:

  • Her journey into bodybuilding and powerlifting 
  • Overcoming adversity 
  • What every woman needs to do to see REAL fitness results
  • Turning her passion into a business
  • Training mistakes that you're probably making
  • How to cope with stress and panic attacks 
  • Conjugate periodization 

And a lot more!

You can find her on Instagram @futureisfemalepowerlifting

Enjoy this info-packed episode.