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The Iron Life Podcast with Chris Tutela

Nov 29, 2023

Building a strong core isn't what you think.

You probably think of sit-ups and planks when you think of core training.

And although they're part of the equation, exercises like these don't complete the puzzle.

On today's show Chris breaks down exactly what you need to do to build a truly strong core.


Nov 15, 2023

Most people fail.

That's the unfortunate reality.

However, those that win all share something in common. A winning mindset.

On today's episode Chris shares the mindset that's helped him succeed, as well as the things he's learned from high performers.

Topics include:

  • How to create a clear vision
  • What distractions are...

Nov 9, 2023

On today's show Chris discusses the truth about cardio.

Topics include:

  • Why strength training is superior for physique transformation
  • The real benefits of cardio (it's not what you think)
  • Different adaptation that occur from different methods of training
  • The best type of cardio
  • How often you should be doing cardio