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The Iron Life Podcast with Chris Tutela

Jul 3, 2020

My guest on today's show is Brian Pannuzzo.

Brian is a coach who helps career focused guys get the body they want and reignite their marriage while making more money at work.

But that wasn't always the case.

Prior to becoming a coach, Brian spent 20 years working on Wall Street. Although he had a great career and was doing well financially, he realized he wasn't happy and was headed in a downward spiral.

After his mom was diagnosed with ALS, his stress began to magnify. At that point Brian began to numb himself with drugs and booze, which pushed him further away from the father, husband and man he wanted to be.

After a harsh conversation with his wife, Brian decided to make the changes his life drastically needed.

Those changes led to Brian quitting his job, starting a coaching business and moving to the other side of the country!

This episode is an important one for everyone and I know you're going to get a lot out of it.

Enjoy the show.